Little Free Library Project

The Junior League of Corpus Christi will celebrate 75 years of service in 2019.  To commemorate our anniversary, we will be building and installing 75 Little Free Libraries around the Coastal Bend.  Literacy has always been a passion of the Junior League of Corpus Christi and adding 75 Little Free Libraries to the community will make books more accessible and hopefully instill a love of reading to all. We are currently seeking sponsorships.

Details of the Little Free Libraries:

  • Libraries will be built and installed in Spring 2019
  • Each library will be painted red and white and will include the Junior League of Corpus Christi logo as well as a plaque with the name of the sponsoring entity.
  • Each library will be registered with Little Free Libraries and will have an official charter sign and charter number.
  • Sponsor can choose a location of the library. If you do not have a preference for the location, we will chose one for you.
  • If the location requires approval from a business or HOA, please confirm with them.


  1. Doudan Park (Cobo de Bara & Port Royal) 
  2. Aquarius Park (Aquarius & Schooner) PENDING INSTALL (Eagle Scout)
  3. Heritage Park Merriman Bobys House 1521 N. Chaparral CONFIRMED LFL# 85142
  4. Lamar Park CONFIRMED  LFL# 85079
  5. Cole Park 2600 Ocean Dr. –  – KIDS PLACE CONFIRMED  LFL#85141
  6. J.D. Bock Park – (Canadian Drive & North Oso Parkway) CONFIRMED
  7. Lindale Community Center 3135 Swantner –  “Custom Build Ulisse Hands”  CONFIRMED LFL #86732
  8. Sherwood Park – (Linden & Sherwood) CONFIRMED LFL #81745
  9. Molina Veteran’s Park (1150 Bloomington) CONFIRMED LFL#85085
  10. Brighton Park (Brockhampton Rd. @ 6500 Dunbarton) CONFIRMED
  11. Lakeview Park (7110 Holly Road) CONFIRMED
  12. Brockhampton Park (Brockhampton near Kaffie MS) CONFIRMED
  13. Ridgewood Park (5730 Malden Dr) CONFIRMED
  14. Collier Pool 3801 Harris Dr. CONFIRMED LFL#85064
  15. Greenwood Pool  Greenwood Dr. CONFIRMED LFL# 81732
  16. Lincoln Park French Dr. CONFIRMED LFL #85135 
  17. The Learning Garden @ Tom Graham Park Up River Rd.  LFL#81738

We would also love to partner with anyone who would like to build their own Little Free Library.  If you pledge to build one, the design and color scheme is completely up to you.  We simply ask that it include the Junior League of Corpus Christi logo, which we will provide for you.  Also, the library will need to be registered with Little Free Libraries at your expense.  Charter signs cost around $40.

You can purchase or pledge a library by sending a Little Libraries Contribution Form and payment to:

Junior League of Corpus Christi, Inc.
Attn: Little Free Library Project
5350 S. Staples #208
Corpus Christi, Texas 78411

You can also purchase a library below.  You will have the opportunity to fill out a contribution form when submitting payment.

Thank you for your support of the Junior League of Corpus Christi!