Touch a Truck

Our Junior League of Corpus Christi inaugural Touch-A-Truck Event #TAT was a huge success!

As each child walked through the entrance with yellow hard hats, and eyes full of anticipation. They were able to physically touch each truck and were even given permission to sit in the drivers seat, a child’s dream came to LIFE!

From a child’s perspective, who needs to see the ball drop in New York City, when they had the opportunity to see the BEACH BALL drop, from the BobCat.

As an adult, do you remember the good ole’ days of our youth? Driving in the car, on the highway, plastered face on the window, giving a tug the horn gesture and asking the truck driver to HONK his horn. Well, the wait ended yesterday, because all kids (big or small) got to HONK the horns themselves!

Not only did we have trucks on the ground but we had the HALO Flight helicopter, turning in a 360 – to commemorate our event.

Our Touch A Truck Committee and Sponsors worked extremely hard for this community program. Thank you to all who participated and volunteered!!!! #JLCCTX #TAT #COMMUNITY


Check out the press release from the event:

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